‘Mixing petrol with paraffin is criminal’

IT is criminal for Oil Marketing Companies to be mixing petrol with kerosene as this is stealing from unsuspecting customers who buy inferior quality fuel, says Capital Buses proprietor Ishmael Kankhara.  

Mr Kankhara said the fuel quality not only destroyed vehicle pumps and engines, but was also a form of theft by the OMCs who sold the fuel at the same price as the original diesel or petrol.

“It is criminal! It is common sense that they need to stop it immediately.

“I know the Energy Regulation Board is professional and they will not let this go unchecked without getting to the bottom of it,” he said.

He was commenting on a statement by the ERB board chairman Geoff Mwape that they had information of some OMCs that were mixing fuel with kerosene in a bid to maximize profits.

Reverend Mwape said this in Lusaka during the public hearing organised for the Petroleum Transporters Association of Zambia (PTAZ) and foreign transporters at the Government Complex on Tuesday.

Mr Kankara however explained that such information could be generated by business competitors aiming at destroying other players’ names.

He said it was also possible that the information could have been generated by rumour mongers with the intention of ruining other companies, and so it should be seriously investigated to discover the truth.

“This is a serious allegation, and it is also possible that it could just be a rumour from a business competitor but we will not just sit back, we will carry our own investigations.”

“And the ERB is a professional body that cannot leave this issue hanging, so we expect them to follow it up and help the consumers by publishing such findings so that if any culprits are discovered, they should suffer the consequences,” he said.

Earlier, Rev Mwape told the meeting that the energy regulator was mandated by law to oversee the energy sector to ensure that it performed according to the aspirations of government and consumers.