Sata must tame Kambwili

PRESIDENT  Michael Chilufya Sata should tame his youth national chairperson Chishimba Kambwili before it is too late, Alliance For Better Zambia (ABZ) Copperbelt youth chairperson Wilson Kafunga has said.

Mr Kafunga said the manner in which this PF youth leader who is also Youth and Sports Minister threatened University of Zambia students who had been trying to take over the Commonwealth Youth Centre within University of Zambia premises spoke volumes about his negative energy and potential to provoke public outrage.

“The language he used as captured by Radio Phoenix yesterday tuesday was uncivil and has no place in a democracy such as ours in Zambia,” he said.

Mr Kafunga said many Zambians felt cheated and dejected for many reasons including the PF’s promise for free education and more money in people’s pockets.

“Many people today can’t afford to buy a bag of mealie meal let alone other important basic needs. The life of many Zambians today is that of frustration and endemic disappointment,” he said.

Mr Kafunga said in the current dire situation government required wise and high calibre ministers that should revive the almost withered spirits of the people and raise their hope for a better tomorrow.

“Government officials should display a spirit of understanding and help the public turn their anger and frustration into positive energy to confront our development challenges together,” he said.

Mr Kafunga said ABZ thought that the insensitivity and dictatorial behaviour of Mr Kambwili was a danger to social harmony in Zambia.

“If the behaviour of Mr Kambwili is acceptable in PF let them continue to tolerate him but they should know that as minister his behaviour affects the general public who look up to PF to provide credible leadership at national level,” he said.

Mr Kafunga urged President Sata to cage Mr Kambwili for the good of his party and to spare Zambians the effects of Mr Kambwili’s bad leadership.