Take handwashing with soap seriously-Judges

THE Zambia Association of Women Judges (JAWUZ) has appealed to Zambians to take hand washing with soap seriously as it is hygenic.

JAWUZ president Elizabeth Muyovwe said although most people wash their hands,they normally forgot to use soap.

Mrs Muyovwe said this  in a speech read on her behalf by High Court Judge Iness Banda-Bobo during the commemoration of the Global Handwashing Day at Lusak  Magistrates Court Complex yesterday. This year JAWUZ has decided to join the rest of the world in commemorating the  Global Handwashing Day whose theme was; “Choose hand washing, choose health”.

“It is well known that generally people wash their hands but very few wash their hands with soap. Our participation in this year’s commemoration is meant to remind all of us of this basic rule of hygiene, which if practiced by all of us regularly will certainly contribute to the well-being of every Zambian.

“I, therefore, urge not only the judiciary staff and stakeholders but Zambians to take hand washing with soap seriously as it can save a life,” Mrs Muyovwe said.

She said following the outbreak of Ebola virus in Western Africa and threats of other communicable diseases like cholera, this year’s commemoration was significant as it was a wake-up call to the people regarding the importance of hand washing as a preventative measure to the spread of sickness and disease in Zambia and the rest of the world.

Speaking at the same function, Southern African Chief Justices’ Forum (SACJF) coordinator Charles Zulu said SACJF was formed to promote contact and cooperation among the courts in the sub-region.

“The SACJF is an association of chief Justices drawn from the Southern African region whose main objectives are to promote contact and cooperation among the courts and promote the rule of law, democracy and the independence of the courts in the Southern Africa region,” Mr Zulu said.