Use less power to pay less, says ZESCO

ZESCO should explain their tariff plan that has continued to pose great challenges among the people.

Some customers have continued to complain about how the new tariff plan was working, as it has continued to affect household power, but ZESCO says people must learn to use less power for them to pay less.

The customers have complained about the high taxation on power purchases which has affected the quantity of electricity units for households at the point of purchase.

Grace Mulenga of Chainama area in Lusaka said she could not understand how the company was charging for power units which were reducing with every purchase.

“The first time you buy power, you will notice that there are more units than the second buy, and it is very confusing.

“We do not understand this high taxation in the new tariff plan recently approved by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB),” she said.

But ZESCO principal public relations officer Yammy Zimba said customers should adapt to the new system that allows those buying fewer units to pay less tax.

Ms Zimba explained that the new tariff plan carries three bands which carry different unit pricing.

“The tariff system is charged per month, so for every first 100 units in a month, the customers buys’ the units at K0.15 per kilowatt/hour.

And from 101 units to 200 units, the customer is charged K0.31 per kwh, and from 201 upwards, the charge goes to K0.51 kwh, so the less power you use, the less you are charged per household,” she said.

She explained that the more power you used as a household, the more money you are charged which should discourage excess use of electricity.

Ms Zimba said a standard house using power for basic lighting purposes and maybe with a two-plate cooker and a television set would be expected to use about 100 units of power per month.

She has since advised customers to reduce on their power usage to enjoy the new tariff plan which is charged at only K0.15 per kwh.