Copperbelt PF warn traitors

The tendency of leaking top secret documents by government officials has the potential of fueling anarchy in Zambia, Ndola Patriotic Front (PF) secretary John Kalyati has said.

And Mr Kalyati has charged that those who were leaking government documents were PF’s enemies.

“True members of PF would never leak government documents to the media. Many of such people are in government offices and are claiming to be true PF patriots when in fact they are not,” he said.

Mr Kalyati said youths on the Copperbelt have started investigations to flush out traitors leaking government documents.

“If they are found, we shall make sure that as PF youths on the Copperbelt we demand for their immediate dismissal,” he said.

Mr Kalyati accused such people of working with the opposition politicals parties to campaign against the ruling party.

“They are pretending to be more PF when infact not. They are fighting the government indirectly,” he said.

Mr Kalyati said youths on the Copperbelt were not foolish and would soon identify traitors leaking government documents.

“We shall face them head on because we believe that some of them could be working with the opposition,” he said.

“We challenge them to come out in the open, denounce PF and join the opposition political parties because their deeds are clearly against our leadership,” he said.

Mr Kalyati appealed to those loyal ministers to help identify traitors leaking documents from their offices.

He cited the leaking of the 2015 national Budget which was leaked and published in the media despite being an embargoed document.

“It is not possible for Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda to have leaked that document himself and later complain about it,” he said.

Mr Kalyati said if those who where leaking government documents thought PF would be voted out, then they were making a mistake.

“If they so wished let them just leave our government and join political parties of their choice,” he said.

One thought on “Copperbelt PF warn traitors

  1. Even Kabimba the former PF secretary General and Justice Minister condemns the 2015 budget reason being:-

    The time he was in power last August,he had his blind gaggles on.
    Because he was a beneficiary,he worried not because he had the best share of the same allocated funds in the sector.
    It will worry him now because he has remained just like any other person who has been blinded by the PF manifesto. But since now he can see and know most of the things that happens in PF.
    He wouldn’t let his former colleagues eat alone the cash without him.
    He wants to do everything possible so as to tell or show the public that PF is corrupt but now he is afraid because he was the mastermind of corruption as such he can’t hit the nail on the head.

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