Simataa counsels Shepolopolo

THE Women’s national soccer team should soldier on despite the (6-0) defeat by Nigeria in their Group A day two clash on Tuesday, veteran football administrator Simaata Simaata has said.

Shepolopolo’s downfall at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Windhoek was their second setback after going down (2-0) to the hosts Namibia on Saturday.

Simataa said the Zambian lasses should not be discouraged because they had played an advanced team which had a record of six Afcon victories.

“Nigeria is an established team and if you look at their record you will understand that our team faced a stronger side,” he said.

Simataa said although Shepolopolo lost their first two games in the ongoing African Women Championship campaign, the lasses should soldier on.

“Our girls definitely are not strong because we do not have a serious league for them in our country,” he said.

Simaata said Nigeria took advantage because their country was far more advanced than the Zambian women’s league.

“Shepolopolo need to forget about the previous two losses and concentrate on winning the remaining matches in order to qualify to the 2015 African Women Championship,” he said.

Simaata said Shepolopolo needed more time and experience if they were to improve and compete favourably with giants like Nigeria.

“Our women’s team would definitely start doing better with time. It takes time to develop football,” he said.

Simaata however said the two losses served as a wake-up call to improving women’s football in Zambia.

Shepolopolo are currently the underdogs with no single point in the same group which Nigeria is leading with six points.

Second-placed Ivory Coast has three points after defeating Namibia (3-1) and losing to Nigeria (4-2) in their opening game.

Namibia has three points after silencing Shepolopolo (2-0) in their opening match.