MP doubts PF job statistics

THE Patriotic Front is lying that they have created about 500,000 jobs since coming into power, Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo has said.

And Nkombo has charged that posterity will judge leaders in the PF harshly if they failed to give Zambians a people Driven Constitution.

Contributing to policy debate on the 2015 national Budget in Parliament on Thursday, Mr. Nkombo challenged Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda to justify the nature of jobs created since the PF formed Government.

He said it was sad that leaders in the PF were busy spending time on scheming how they would lie instead of telling Zambians the truth on issues of job creation.

“We called witnesses including the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) who we thought will give us information about the increase in revenue collected through Pay As You Earn. We also summoned the Central Statistics Office and the Bank of Zambia to help us understand where they have created these jobs and how they arrived at these figures. All these institutions were not capable of telling us, they failed to state anything on jobs created because it could not tally with the revenue collected,” Mr Nkombo said.

Mr. Nkombo wondered whether the PF Government had any idea what constituted creation of decent jobs.

“Do they know what constitutes decent jobs? What values or figures or measurement did they use to state that the PF have created 500 000 jobs? I belong to Parliamentary Committee on Economic Affairs and we interrogated this issue last year where they were making lofty statements that they have created 500 000 jobs,” he said.

Mr. Nkombo said it was folly for anyone to celebrate the employing of casual workers who wake up in the morning to go and dig a road as creation of decent jobs.

And Nkombo said the K29 million allocated to the constitution- making process in the 2015 national Budget was a mockery.

“Sir, you know yourself that this House almost became ungovernable at the time we were pushing for this draft document. Last year, they had put aside K44 billion towards the constitution-making process but now they have reduced it to K29 million. It would have been nice if the minister said this is how much we spent and this is what we have achieved and this is how much we shall allocate in this years’ Budget,” he said.Mr Nkombo said the PF was a stumbling block to the constitutional-making process, adding that the greatest cost surrounding the release of the draft was poor leadership in the PF.

“Sir, posterity will judge them harshly if they fail to give Zambians a constitution which will stand the test of time. Posterity will judge them harshly for the manner they have mishandled the people’s document. Sir, without the opposition these people would have damaged this country by now,” he said.