Sata must free Rupiah

PRESIDENT Michael Sata should drop all charges levelled against former President Rupiah Banda as part of the Jubilee celebrations, says the International Institute of Democracy and Conflict Resolutions (IIDCR).

Institute president Tresford Chomba said the country could not afford to continue humiliating leaders who had served the nation by parading them before the courts of law.

Mr Chomba said in a statement that the pardoning of Mr Banda would serve as a precedent that President Sata would set.

He also recommended that former President Frederick Chiluba should be honoured posthumously by the State and that a university under construction in Luapula Province should be named after him.

Mr Chomba noted that Dr Chiluba was still a hero who fought for multi-partism despite making some mistakes.

He also said as a Jubilee present to Zambians, the PF Government should release the draft Constitution to the people of Zambia.

“The President should also pardon former Defence Minister George Mpombo and all prisoners regardless of the offences they committed,” Mr Chomba said.

He said as a party in power, the Patriotic Front should maintain discipline and coordination at all levels so that there were no divisions and confusion.

Mr. Chomba noted that since ascending to power, President Sata had exhibited exemplary leadership characterised by pardoning many prisoners.