Dante takes draft Constitution matters to communities

Political activist Dante Saunders has embarked on a programme of taking the constitution-making process to the communities to allow members of the public become become aware of its importance.

Mr Saunders said he saw the need of taking the Constitution to the communities because that was where the majority faced challenges that could be addressed through the release of the Constitution.

And Mr Saunders said he was patiently waiting to see whether Government would stick to its promise of releasing the final draft Constitution during the Jubilee week.

He said the most important things at the moment were not just the release of the final draft Constitution but the benefits which could be derived from it.

Mr Saunders said Government should be aggressive on the constitution because it was the backbone of democracy.

He said the PF government was abrogating constitutional rights of Zambians by not telling the truth, adding that if they were not ready to give the document to Zambians they should say so instead of keeping them in suspense.

“All these statements are meant to blindfold the people of Zambia, otherwise we are not convinced about all the statements about the Constitution because we are dealing with a Government that is not ready to accept its failure,” he said.

Mr Saunders alleged that all the contradictory statements on the Constitution were merely a way of passing time, so that the 2016 general elections would be held under the old Constitution.