Golden Jubilee

THERE is something wrong with the way Government is preparing Zambians to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of independence on October 24 and yet this big  day is only five days away.

There appears to be little activity, if any, being done to prepare an ordinary Zambian to anticipate a different kind of Independence as the country celebrates 50 years.

There is simply no visible programme to explain the day to day preparations towards Zambia’s big day.

All activities towards the big day appear to be low key without any deliberate programmes to energise the preparation.

Whatever activities are going on, they seem to be exclusive to the elite who are probably holding such programmes at expensive venues inaccessible to the ordinary Zambian.

Only the musicians seem to be feeling the Independence Day approaching as they have taken over the airways of the national broadcaster.

There seems to be no discernable presence of school going children and the workers in the preparation for this year’s independence celebrations.

Government’s presence in the preparation for the independence celebrations should have been much more visible.

Two weeks ago, in Parliament, Vice President Guy Scott announced that about seven foreign Heads of State would be part of Zambia’s independence celebrations.

Dr Scott promised to update the nation on the names of the Heads of State and other Independence Day celebration details.

With only a few days remaining before October 24, the updates about generally all Independence Day activities still remain ‘top secret’.

This is not the way Zambians have in the past prepared for their national day.

In the past years, it was evident that Zambia was approaching its independence day as most public places would don national colours.

All activities would be tuned in line with the Independence Day theme.

Independence Day was such a day most Zambians, including the born free, looked forward to so that they could hear first-hand narrations and experiences from their freedom fighters.

Looking at this year’s preparations for the Independence Day, we don’t feel the freedom fighters have been given the usual treatment for them to relive their Independence Day experiences and later reflect on how Zambia has transformed.

Instead of Government appointing civil servants to spearhead the preparations for this year’s Golden Jubilee, we feel there should have been a strong political hand driving the process.

If the secrecy around the preparation are deliberate and a surprise package await Zambians, then so be it.

Otherwise, there should have been more openness about the preparations towards our Independence celebration so that all Zambians can feel the Golden Jubilee.