Janza needs fresh blood

THE Zambia senior national soccer team needs serious transformation by overhauling it in full and replacing all old tired legs with U-20 young and energetic stars, says Zambia National Soccer Fans Association (ZNSFA) chairman Musonda Mwaume.

In an interview yesterday, Mwaume said the Chipolopolo technical bench should learn from South Africa head coach Ephraim “Shakes” Mashaba by taking a drastic decision to overhaul the entire national team.

“What Janza is doing now is in the best interest of the nation and it is the only way to save the national soccer team from further embarrassment some of these old guys have brought to the nation,” said Mwaume.

He said some of the old players needed to be replaced with young and fast legs with fresh talent and skill.

“Some of these old players are tired and need to be replaced by young and energetic stars. I have seen them they have tired legs. Their souls want to perform but their bodies are saying something else,” he said.

Mwaume said genuine soccer fans should support Janza’s approach of transforming the national soccer team because the current old boys were tired and taking the nation nowhere.

“Just look at the Zambia-Niger game, young stars did wonders. We appreciate what Christopher Katongo and his lads have done for the nation but I feel it is time for them to rest and leave room for the young stars to perform,” he said. He said it was high time Janza fused in young stars capable of performing  to the expectation of the nation, adding that the old players were failing to run or chase the ball putting more pressure on those who were capable of running. Mwaume urged Janza and the entire technical bench to take drastic decisions without fear or favour in order to have a strong and visionary national team. “Look at South Africa, they overhauled the entire team. Look at how their performance has been after that decision? They are coming up so well and so why can’t we learn from them?”

Mwaume pleaded with FAZ to help Janza and his assistant Nico Labohm with the necessary support in order to come up with the best competitive team ahead of the remaining games for the Morocco 2015 AfCON finals.

“Because of the inactive U-23 national soccer team, Janza has gone for active U-20 players. This is what I am saying that if he is supported by all well-meaning Zambians and sports administrators, Zambia has a bright future at major tournaments because of the exposure of young lads at senior level,” said Mwaume. Mwaume has since urged young players to exhibit high levels of discipline and commitment to national duty, adding that discipline was paramount to the development over individual talent and skill towards achieving medals.  He said the U-20 should be prepared to take up the challenge of representing the country at the next year’s Africa Cup of Nations. “The old guards are tired and done, they have done their time and its time young lads in the U-20 picked from where Joseph Musonda left, to pick from where Christopher Katongo left, Let the boys move the nation from where Mbesuma left,” he said.