MPs prodded to explain 2015 Budget

A CONCERNED citizen has urged Members of Parliament to explain the 2015 Budget to the grassroots in their communities in a more simplified manner.

Mr Julius Mwape said it would only be fair to Zambians if the MPs took the initiative to explain to the people what Government allocation was to every department in 2015.

He said Zambians needed to make informed decisions once they understood what the 2015 Budget contained.

Mr Mwape said the rural people were more disadvantaged because they did not fully understand how the national resources were being distributed.

He said most of the people in the rural areas did not know exactly the budget breakdown as their representatives in the House had never bothered to tell the people percentage proportions allocated to their areas of concern.

He said the expectations of the people were high as they needed to know what the  Budget meant in terms of poverty alleviation, social cash transfers, the allocation to the agricultural sector and other social sectors.

“We have a situation where people in rural communities think the Budget was only meant for ministries and people in urban areas without knowing that it provides sufficient platform for everyone to succeed.

“It is incumbent upon the Members of Parliament to tell their people that the Budget provided opportunities for business to help alleviate poverty at household level. Zambians should be able to tell if the 2015 Budget provided for employment creation as it is one critical matter that successive governments have failed to address,” he said.

He said the feeling more especially by small-scale farmers was that the huge part of the Budget was spent on administrative purposes by Government and that it was important for Government to come up with long-term plan in which most prices could be subsidized.

He challenged Government also to translate the 2015 Budget into all local languages so that people could fully make informed decisions.

One thought on “MPs prodded to explain 2015 Budget

  1. Yes, it is a good ideal that the Budget can also be translated in our local languages to make us fully understand. The problem is with the Government, for as long as they have done their part. They are not even worried about their citizens. So, now its up the NGOs to source funds and translate the Budget. Because already they say the Government has no money, but for by-elections the money is there.
    Concerned citizen.

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