Name OMCs selling contaminated fuel, ERB asked

MOTORISTS have called on the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) to quickly identify the Oil Marketing Companies mixing kerosene with diesel and petrol to avoid further damage to vehicle engines.

This comes amid reports that some OMCs were supplying poor quality fuel mixed with kerosene  and  was damaging car engines and contributing to the continuous breakdowns costing huge amounts of money in repairs.

One of the complaining motorists Mr Moses Mulenga called on the ERB to quickly address the recurrent engine problems being experienced by motorists because of the poor quality of fuel on the market.

Mr Mulenga said ERB should quickly address the mixing of fuels with other substances which was affecting the operation of vehicles and high cost of repair works.

“They (ERB) have identified the problem that is killing our car engines, now they should expose the culprits and annul their practice certificates.

“They are stealing from unsuspecting motorists and also destroying vehicles,” he said.

Last week, ERB board chairperson Mr Geoff Mwape exposed a scheme by some OMCs who were mixing petrol with diesel with a view to maximizing profits, which was against the rules of fair competition.

According to the Consumer and Competition Act, service providers should ensure the quality of products met with the consumer satisfaction and also the required levels to protect the environment.

Sections of society including public transport operators have called on the regulatory authority to speedily address the issue that affected the sector’s quality of service.

Fuel mixed with kerosene had potential to thinning metal and reduce vehicle lifespan, including frequent greasing of motor vehicle parts which used energy fluids.

Public transport operators have added their voice to the concerned fuel consumers worried about the possible damage to vehicles engines  through the use of adulterated fuel.