Oppressive bureaucracy out – CCZ

IT is the responsibility of the Patriotic Front (PF) government to free people from strangling government regulations, high and oppressive bureaucracy, says Council of Churches of Zambia (CCZ) Chairman Reverend Dr Edwin Zulu.

Rev Zulu said it was also the responsibility of government to allow Zambians to develop their full potential.

In his keynote speech during the launch of the pastoral letter at the inter-denomination jubilee prayer service in Kabwata yesterday, Dr Zulu said Zambians must demand a constitution that provided freedom of expression which was also a necessary assumption for hearing God’s word and inheriting the real purpose of  Zambians’ lives.

“We write this letter to ourselves as the body of Christ. As we campaign for a new republican constitution it is not enough to end there,” he said. Rev Zulu said the CCZ decided to use the occasion to launch a pastoral letter to its member churches across Zambia on the commemorating the Golden Jubilee

“Our hope is that our member churches will read this booklet which tells Zambia’s story during its first 50 years,” he said.

Rev Zulu said the booklet was a very rich content and deeply reflected on the Jubilee’s implication in the wider and broader arena of Zambia’s society.

“The letter also focuses mainly on what Jubilee means-politically, economically, and morally-for all of us,” he said. Dr Zulu urged Zambians to take time off and read the letter which would help them deeply understand and help them reflect on the 50 years on independence. And African Methodist Episcopal Church Rev Dr Wilfred Messiah said Zambians must remember that it was God who made it possible for Zambia to remain peaceful for 50 years.

Dr Messiah said he was glad that late president Dr Fredrick Chiluba declared Zambia as a Christian nation.

He however said that as long as the nation was still facing high levels of corruption, there was need to put the things in place.

“As long as there is a big gap between the rich and the poor, we are not yet where the nation should be,” he said.

Dr Messiah said if the national budget was not a pro poor one then the nation was still lagging behind in developing the well being of Zambians.