UTH lines up 2 heart ops

University Teaching Hospital (UTH)has lined up two open heart surgeries in commemoration of the 50 years Independence Jubilee celebrations, says managing director Lackson Kasonka.

Dr Kasonka said the two weeks surgical marathon scheduled to have come to an end of Friday last week will be extended till Wednesday during which a Ukrainian Cardiac surgeon should be unveiled and carry out the two heart operations as part of 50th anniversary celebrations.

“Orthopedic operations will continue till Wednesday next week, and we also want to do two major operations.

“About 506 cases were done above the projected 450 operations that made this a successful programme, the response was fantastic,” said  Dr Kasonka

The UTH chief praised the doctors for their sacrifice in attending to the surgical needs of hundreds of patients on the pending list.

He explained that many patients had benefited from the Jubilee programme which was the main objective of the programme by the hospital.

“There is no better present for our patients than attending to their surgical operations which they have been waiting for on ends, and we say thank you to our doctors who have given their time for the success of this programme.

“We have done over 500 operations, and we shall not leave anybody who is waiting, we will continue the jubilee ops into next week,” he said.

Dr Kasonka said the Ministry of Health released K800, 000 towards the jubilee operations which went to the cost of additional surgical materials including laboratory tools and chemicals, metal implants for orthopedic operations and extra sutures for closing up of wounds, as well as food for the medical staff  and other personnel at the theatres.

He said the operations were being done free of charge and expressed gratitude to the medical staff for their dedication to the programme.

“I would like to give credit to the medical staff for dedicating their time and for agreeing to work extra hours for the success of the programme.

UTH has been carrying out marathon operations in line with the Zambia’s 50 years independence Jubilee celebrations aimed to reduce the backlog of pending surgical operations atthe institution.

Management had targeted 500 patients to be operated on between October 6 and18 dubbed the Jubilee surgical marathon.