Wash hands to prevent diseases, says minister

Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister Nicholas Banda has advised street vendors selling foodstuffs to find healthy and clean places from where to do their business.

His ministry, through the department of health, has embarked on a water and sanitation campaign around the country to sensitize the public on the dangers of not washing their hands.

Mr Banda said the campaign was aimed at changing the culture of the people towards washing hands after greeting people and eating food.

‘’As a ministry, we have embarked on a campaign aimed at sensitizing people on the dangers of not washing their hands,’’ he said

He said street vendors must take hand washing seriously and comply with the directive from the council.

Mr Banda has also advised the public to be cautious when buying food from the streets to avoid the spread of diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea.

‘’We are urging members of the public to be careful when buying food from the streets to avoid the spread of waterborne diseases,’’ he said .

Last week, Zambia joined the rest of world in commemorating the   Global and Washing Day .

The campaign is intended to motivate and mobilize millions of people around the world to wash their  hands with soap. It takes place on October 15 of each year. The programme is dedicated to raising awareness of hand washing with soap as a key approach to disease prevention.