Zambians must overlook party wrangles this Jubilee

UPND on the Copperbelt says the violence and leadership wrangles in the PF, MMD and UNIP should not divert people’s attention from the political activities that led to Zambia’s independence.

Provincial party coordinator, Phineas Chilanda said it was shameful that 50 years after independence, Zambia was still experiencing politics of violence at the expense of uniting the nation.

Mr Chilanda wondered why political parties that had been in power and those who were ruling now were engaging in political violence instead of leading by example.

He alleged that Zambians were now treated to violence by political leaders instead of service delivery.

Mr Chilanda said a good government offers  prudent economic management, good agriculture policies, education for all and better health service delivery.

“As UPND I want to urge all the members to focus at providing an enabling environment to accommodate all the people of Zambia, if we are to deliver according to our manifesto,” he said.

Mr Chilanda said the opposition UPND greatly condemned the spate of violence and squabbles currently in the political arena. He said there was serious internal problems which if unresolved would work against the prospects of the country.

Mr Chilanda said the people of Zambia under the PF government were moving backwards, and therefore they should align themselves to a political party that would guarantee them the right to food.