Zambians pray for Golden Jubilee celebrations

Vice-President Guy Scott yesterday led scores of Zambians in intercessory prayers for the country’s Golden Jubilee celebrations where he emphasised the importance of using music to promote harmony in society.

Dr Scott, who was accompanied by his wife Charlotte, mesmerized the congregants when he walked towards the combined defence and security agencies choir and asked members to play a song and danced to it as he was joined by some Government officials and Patriotic Front (PF) party members.

The Vice-President led several cabinet ministers who included Alexander Chikwanda (Finance), Mwansa Kapeya (Lands), Yamfwa Mukanga (Transport and Communications), permanent secretaries and other senior government officials.

First president Kenneth Kaunda, former Prime Minister Grey Zulu, freedom fighter Mama Kankasa and several others joined Dr Scott in prayers.

Some leaders of opposition political parties who included MMD’s Nevers Mumba, Tilyenje Kaunda of UNIP, Zambia for Empowerment and Development’s (ZED) Fred Mutesa, Zambia Democracy Conference (ZADECO)’s Langstone Sichone and Cosmo Mumba of National Revolution Party (NRP) were also in attendance.

In his brief address to the people, Dr Scott said people use music for various purposes including promotion of harmony in the society.

He said music was frequently used in church functions and during other celebrations and has helped to keep people busy.

“Why do people sing and dance in church, which seems to be a waste of time?

We dance to music in order to avoid going mad and looking stupid,” Dr Scott said.

He said music was also used in homes by parents to teach their children good morals and a good way of life.

“That is why we come to church and allow ourselves to be guided by music apart from just listening to the preachers’ lectures.

“Am sure the music here also kept the first republican president Kenneth Kaunda busy too,” Dr Scott said jokingly.

And Movement for Multiparty Democracy Dr Nevers Mumba has described the Golden Jubilee celebration as a defining moment for Zambia.

Dr Mumba called for peace in the country and unity among leaders adding that everybody needed to be part of the celebrations.

“We need to change the type of politics after attaining 50 years of independence. There is need to stop politics of acrimony and disunity,” he said.