‘Catholics silent on corruption’

The Catholic Church has allegedly failed to speak out on the massive corruption and bad governance acts suppressing the Zambian people under the Patriotic Front regime.

Political activist Brebner Changala says the church was too quiet against the numerous injustices the Zambian people have continued to experience under the PF government including high levels of political violence that has resulted in loss of lives.

Mr Changala alleged that Caritas Zambia, arm of the Catholic Church, had become irrelevant to the situation, citing the reported overstay of its office-bearers and their compromised loyalties.

“We are concerned with the Catholic Church’s silence which claims to be the voice of the voiceless.

“It has been too silent over the massive corruption, bad governance, abuse of human rights, Public Order Act and the trend of political violence under the PF,” he said.

He said the church has taken a back seat on issues affecting the poor people whom it claims to defend and protect.

Mr Changala questioned why Lusaka Diocese Archbishop George Mpundu has failed to be the people’s advocate as was the case during the Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda governments respectively.

“Where is Archbishop Mpundu who was so vocal against Mwanawasa and Banda rule on issues that could safely claim to be petty?

“The Catholic Church has stood for the poor, the weak and the marginalized but this time my church seems to be an accessory to all the wrongs perpetrated by the Government and the ruling party,” Mr Changala said.

He has accused the church of being guilty of all the wrongs being experienced in the country, and warned that it would lose the respect of the people if it did not change its approach in defending the vulnerable and holding Government accountable.

The Catholic Church has remained mute over various injustices being performed against the people under the current governance system in the country, he said.