Let goodwill prevail

WITH a few days remaining before the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Independence, it is worrying that Zambians may be without their President, Michael Sata, who has travelled out of the country for a medical check-up.

But more gratifying is that Government has for  the first time publicly announced that President Michael Sata needs a medical check-up.

With this disclosure, it is therefore important for Zambians to unite and wish each other well.

The Zambian Government has been so secretive in the handling of President Sata’s ill health although it is public knowledge that he is not enjoying a 100 percent clean bill of health.

Zambians should pray for President Sataso that he can return more energised after his medical check-up.

Already, we are happy that political leaders have started sending goodwill messages to President Sata so that he can get better.

This should not just be at a political level but should motivate all Zambians to extend a hand of friendship and goodwill as they celebrate the Jubilee year.

But as we have said before, President Sata needed a rest many months ago so that he could recuperate.

There was no need for Government leaders to continue subjecting the President to tedious State functions.

The signs were there that President Sata needed some rest.

But now that a wise decision has been made to enable him receive medical attention, we do not expect extraordinary decisions from Government leaders.

There should be order in the country to allow governance systems play their rightful mandate.

All Zambians should reflect on what has kept them together for 50 years without internal strife.

Even if political debate sometimes becomes so heated, it has generally been peaceful without any physical confrontation.

UNIP ruled Zambia for 27 years while the MMD took over in 1991 and continued with peaceful means of conflict resolution for 20 years. Having taken over the reins of power in 2011, the Patriotic Front is now in its third year of governance with Zambians enjoying their freedom.

This is not the case in some other countries whose post-Independence era had been characterised by civil wars and violent Government takeovers.

Therefore, Zambians have a lot to celebrate about their national day even in the absence of President Sata.

There is the supreme law of the land to follow to avoid illegality in the governance systems.

This is the reason why Cabinet should remain sober in the absence of President Sata and handle governance challenges with the dignity they deserve.

But this can only be done if all Zambians agreed to bury their differences and extend messages of goodwill and love to one another.