My life is in danger – Mbunda chief

CHIEF Chiengele of the Mbunda people of Western Province has alleged that his life is in danger because he has no security to protect him at his palace.

Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, Chief Chiengele said following his dethronement by the Barotse Royal Establishment, his life was in danger because he was living close to the people who were alleged to be his opponents.

He said the security which was protecting him was withdrawn from the palace when things appeared to be back to normal, but that he was still living in fear.

Chief Chiengele said he was still holding on to the throne because the Government did not tell him that he had ceased to be chief after his removal by the BRE.

“Even if things appear to be back to normal, my life is in danger considering that I am living close to people who appear to be my opponents, because they are capable of doing anything to me,” he said.

He argued that only the Government could oust him from the throne. Chief Chiengele rejected his dethronement by the Barotse Royal Establishment, and alleged that the BRE did not follow procedure as he was not communicated to officially.

He has vowed not to hand over the instruments of power because he had not received any official communication from the Government as he was recognized by a Gazette notice.

“I am still holding on to the throne until I hear  from the Government, which is the appointing authority, and are mandated to oust me, not anyone else,” he said.

Last week, the BRE dethroned Chief Chiengele and dissolved the entire Kuta of the Mbunda people in Limulunga district of Western Province, for allegedly being disloyal to the Litunga by raising himself to the level of a king.