PF goes to the polls

THE Patriotic Front (PF) should by January next year conduct elections at all levels, save for the party presidency, PF secretary general Edgar Lungu has announced.

He said the PF should hold elections so that the ruling party could undergo a self-cleansing process that would see leaders getting positions on merit and not on patronage.

Mr Lungu said the party elections would be able to get rid of what he termed chaff that had currently infiltrated the ruling party and was causing confusion because of its divided loyalty.

He explained that it was his expectation that the leadership and the general membership would respect and support his efforts to rebrand the PF that had suffered a lot of internal strife.

He said the PF needed rebranding because it had been observed that some members and leaders did not want to carry the vision of President Sata whose desire was to transform the economy of the country and lives of its citizens.

And Mr Lungu has warned party members and leaders who were supporting his predecessor Wynter Kabimba for any other reason apart from being secretary general that they risked being asked to leave the party if they did not change their attitude and embrace his leadership.

Addressing a rally in Mongu on Saturday, Mr Lungu said those who were eating with Mr Kabimba who was until two months ago justice minister and secretary general of the PF should learn and understand that he was the new chief executive officer of the ruling party and should therefore avoid eating with both hands.

“If a father divorces in a house and marries another woman, she will still be your mother even if she is young. If you are going to be confrontational and disrespectful, your father will ask you to leave his house because the new bride will just tell him in the bedroom that you are not fitting.

So those of you who are still loyal to Mr Kabimba should accept that I am the new secretary general and embrace me and my guidance,” Mr Lungu said.