Let’s stand united RB says

ZAMBIA’s 50th independence anniversary is time for all the citizens to have new dreams and embrace each other, says former President Rupiah Banda.

In his message on the eve of Zambia’s 50th independence anniversary, Mr Banda said it was time for Zambians to forgive each other as brothers and sisters regardless of origin, language, culture, religion or political affiliation.

The former head of state wish President Michael Sata God’s blessings.

“We are, before God, all one people, strong and free. This Jubilee is the time to dream new dreams, embrace new hopes, and stand as one people,” Mr Banda said.

He said Zambians should look back at the past 50 years with gratitude, happiness and joy, and be grateful for the many men and women who selflessly sacrificed and dedicated their lives to the cause of liberation, freedom, justice and common good.

“At 50, we look back but also forward. The vision of the liberation struggle has been achieved. It is past us now. But the vision for the future lies with us as we are at this threshold.

As your past servant of this great country, I pray for all Zambian people and all who love us and celebrate with us that the blessings of our almighty God come upon our beloved President, our leaders from opposition political parties, our Government, civic leaders and all Zambians,” he said.

He hoped that the joy and warmth that characterise the Zambian people would continue and that Zambia’s unity would continue being a beacon of hope for more blessings to come.

This is contained in a  message released by his deputy administrative assistant Kennedy Limwanya.