Pupils paint Zambia’s history

Hundreds of young people in Lusaka’s Matero township participated in a Jubilee arts programme dubbed “Journey in History” to commemorate Zambia’s 50 years of Independence.

The youths gathered at the new Matero Secondary School under the auspices of the Visual Arts Council and UNICEF as part of their contribution to the Jubilee celebrations.

VAC national vice secretary Lombe Nsama said the exercise was part of the national programme from all the 10 provinces to capture children’s contribution to the celebrations.

The programme was held on Tuesday and Wednesday at Matero and Nyumba Yanga schools, and their works will be displayed at the Heroes Stadium.

“Our target is to get the children involved in the Jubilee programme by making them participate in various visual art works to be displayed in a one kilometer long banner at the Ntional Heroes Stadium on October 24.

We have collected different works done by the children from all the 10 provinces around the country and we shall join the different pieces and make one historical piece of art to be included as part of the Jubilee celebrations at the Heroes Stadium,” Mr Nsama said.

He said the paintings were intended to showcase the children’s knowledge about Zambia’s independence and the various known cultural activities around the country.

“We want to share their knowledge on Zambia’s independence, the different cultures, their knowledge on politics, sports and agriculture as well as the local tourism in their different areas,” he said. Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa challenged young people to aim high in their academic performance by getting distinctions in their tests and examinations to effectively participate in putting the country on the world map. Mr Sampa, who is a former pupil of Matero School, participated in the arts and added his touch to the artworks while calling on the children to give their best if they wanted to excel.

The art collection has since been joined in a one kilometer banner display and exhibited at the National Heroes Stadium for the Jubilee gala night.