Sakiza company shows interest in producing sugar in Luapula

SAKIZA Spinning Company of Kitwe has expressed interest in setting up a 10,000 hectare sugarcane production and processing plant in Chembe district of Luapula Province.

Sakiza managing director, Natarajan Kumar, disclosed this when he paid a courtesy call on Chief Kasomalwela of the Ushi people of Chembe district in Luapula Province at his palace.

Mr Kumar said his company was looking for 10,000 hectares of land and if granted would start the process which should take 20 months to set up before the product could come out to the market.

He said the production of sugar cane and processing of sugar will also have a by-product which is used for making paper and that inevitably creates an opportunity for the paper production plant within the same premises.

Mr Kumar said Chembe district was suitable because of the presence of perennial water in the Luapula river, low altitude and readily available market outlets.

The director said he intends to produce1,000 tonnes of sugar per day.  He said various skills will be required for the project of about 700 people and Mansa Trades School will be handy in the project though the initial phase will use several locals in clearing the site before people with relevant skills relevant   are employed. And speaking earlier, Chembe District commissioner, Simon Lwando, said the district wanted serious investment and the coming on board of Sakiza to invest in sugarcane production and processing was timely as it will create over 300 jobs for the local people. -ZANIS