Nawakwi counsels leaders

INDIVIDUALS given the instruments of power to rule the nation must know that power belongs to the people and must not at anytime abuse that favour in anyway, Forum for Democracy and Development president Edith Nawakwi has said.

Ms. Nawakwi observed that Zambia was a great nation whose power belonged to the people.

She said those in leadership must know that they were in their positions on a temporary basis.

“For those that have been privileged with the favour to rule over us they must always remember that power belongs to the people, that they are only temporary custodians of our power,” said Ms. Nawakwi.

She warned that people in leadership must use power cautiously and to the benefits of the people and not for personal gain.

Ms Nawakwi said there was need to realise that it would take everyone to work together to maximise the benefit of its own resources.

“We have to thank God for blessing our land with plenty of natural resources and unlimited potential.

But we have to realise that it will take you and me to work together to maximize the benefits of these resources,” said Ms. Nawakwi.

Ms. Nawakwi said as Zambia celebrated her 50th Independence annivessary, it was time to revolutionise the agriculture sector and commercialize it to create jobs and wealth at both household and national level.

“Now is the time to build processing and manufacturing industries right here in Zambia and not to step aside and watch while foreigners ship out our minerals.

“Now is the time to enact a Constitution that will not only epitomize the aspirations of the people but will guarantee the social, economical and civil liberties of all our people,” said Ms. Nawakwi.

She observed that Zambia should now focus on providing a world-class healthy care system and preserve sanctity of life in order to promote a health citizenry for a wealthy nation.

“Now is the time to make education a basic right and ensure that a child’s dream should not be shattered by lack of money to pay school fees but by her own failure to work hard to get the type of education she wants. Now is the time to unleash the tourism potential and create jobs and wealth at household level,” said the opposition leader in her Jubilee message to Zambians.

She said as Zambian citizens there was need to summon moral and intellectual courage to work hard and stand up to fight all forms of social, political and economic injustice.

Ms. Nawakwi emplored Zambians to reflect deeply on why 50 years after indeopendence over 60 per cent of people were still living in abject poverty.

She said, “We are a better country than one where thousands of students with distinctions are turned away from the doors of our universities because their parents cannot afford to pay tuition fees and the Government denies them scholarships. We are a better country than one where over 40 per cent of children are undernourished.”