Appointment of Matibini as Speaker wrong-Fr Bwalya

ALLIANCE for Better Zambia (ABZ) has strongly condemned the appointment of Patrick Matibini as Speaker of the National Assembly who, at the time of his appointment was already a constitutional office holder as High Court judge.

Just as it was wrong, he said, for Parliament to satisfy the appointment of former Attorney General Mumba Malila to the Supreme Court. “The supreme court is a superior bench to which only the most experienced Judges rise through merit and not political appointment”, he said.

Fr Bwalya said it was not in order for Parliament to have elected someone as Supreme Court judge when he was from a political appointment which did not rely on merit.

Dr Matibini’s ratification was contrary to the standard practice of the Commonwealth system.

Fr Bwalya said the period the PF had been in power had proved to be conducive for all unorthodox practices and other public nuisances.

“Under the PF we have seen a serving High Court judge being nominated as Speaker of the National Assembly essentially recruiting an officer for a constitutional office from another constitutional office contrary to standard practice of the Commonwealth system,” Fr Bwalya said.

He said Zambians had been witnesses to PF cadres publicly displaying an assortment of dangerous weapons during their violent clashes which had in some cases resulted into the death of some cadres.

Fr Bwalya said it was under the PF where Zambians had witnessed cadres wearing military uniform in full view of the police.

He explained that the blocking of the enthronement of Henry Kanyanta Sosala as the new Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba-speaking people was one of the many illegalities the PF had committed in the three years it had been in power.

“We have seen PF cadres take the law into their own hands in a manner that speaks volumes about the complacency of the top leadership of the ruling party and law enforcement agencies.

These cadres have notoriously used force to grab land and trading areas from vulnerable citizens.

We have seen the cadres storm Government offices to threaten ministers and civil servants appointed by the PF Government, the latest being an attack on Copperbelt Minister Mwenye Musenga,” Fr Bwalya said.

He described the harassing of Mr Musenge by PF cadres as a shameful sign that the ruling party had lost control of its own members.

Fr Bwalya said with the diminishing visibility of President Sata, there were a lot of things which were happening such that the next Government would have a tough time correcting the wrongs being committed.

The ABZ leader has appealed to experienced civil servants to be courageous and guide the PF Government, adding that time had come for the people in the civil service to be patriotic and save the governance system from decay.