PF bosses in trouble

THE suspended chief executive officers of the four non-governmental organisations belonging to the Patriotic Front (PF) will have to account for their actions during the time they were at the helm of the organisations, PF secretary general Edgar Lungu has said.

Mr Lungu said suspended chief executive officers of the National Programme for Poverty Reduction (NPPR), Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC), Research Bureau and Data Centre would have to account for their actions because the officers had been paying themselves salaries that were not approved by the central committee.

And Mr Lungu has said that the Ilunda Chalo, a PF company, was a one man organisation whose head had been paying himself a hefty salary without the approval of the central committee, the party’s highest decision-making organ.

Mr Lungu who is Acting President and Defence and Justice Minister, said the suspended officers have never been to his office to appraise him on how the organisations were being managed.

He said his predecessor Mr Wynter Kabimba, who was sacked by President Michael Sata in August 2014 did not handover anything about how the NGOs were operating and that it was only in order for him to summon the officers who were in-charge to update him on the operations of the institutions.

Mr Lungu said from the time he was appointed secretary general of the PF by President Sata in August, the chief executive officers of the ruling party’s NGOs had never bothered to brief him on what kind of business was being conducted.

He told the Daily Nation in an interview that the suspension of the officers was meant to streamline the operations of the PF NGOs which were created to build the party and help create employment.

Mr Lungu said the suspended chief executive officers had continued drawing salaries without reporting to the central committee on how the institutions were making money. He said the PF had no intention to abolish the NGOs because they were a creation of the central committee but was concerned with how the people involved were managing the resources of the companies.

“I had a meeting with the chief executive officers of the PF NGOs so that they could appraise me of how the institutions were operating. We want them to account for their actions from the time they started managing these institutions.

“They have been paying themselves salaries without briefing the central committee.”

“I have reports that some of the officers do not want to work with me and it is only appropriate that we streamline the operations of these organisations because they were meant to serve the party and create employment,” Mr Lungu said.

He said it was not correct that the institutions that were created in a noble manner should be allowed to serve the monetary interests of a few individuals at the expense of many other patriots.

Mr Lungu said he had been informed that some of the executives were reporting for work as late as 11:00 hours and knocking off any time because of lack of supervision.

He said the officers would remain suspended until all the investigations have been concluded, adding that other members of staff had continued working.

And Mr Lungu has disclosed that the Ilunda Chalo, the PF company, was a one-man institution whose operations were not clear and that it was his hope that investigations into the company would soon be completed.