Publish Jubilee expenses, says FODEP

GOVERNMENT has been challenged to publish all expenses during the Golden Jubilee Independence celebration to ensure accountability and transparency, says Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP), executive director MacDonald Chipenzi.

Mr Chipenzi said as far as he was concerned, it was prudent that all the expenses were accounted for, looking at the splendid skills that were exhibited during the commemoration of the Jubilee.

He said the fact that President Michael Sata was not in the country made it important for all the national events to be accounted for to avoid speculations.

Mr Chipenzi observed that usually the Government publish the breakdown expenses for such national events.

He said the only way to safeguard the country’s resources was through the Government informing Zambians on what was happening and accounting for all the resources because they were using taxpayers’ money.

“I think the Government must publish the breakdown of how much they have spent during this Golden Jubilee preparation for accountability’s sake, considering that the President is not in the country now and that will need transparency,” he said.

Mr Chipenzi said the Government should ensure that all the expenses during the celebrations were accounted for; adding that the Government did not mention how much money would be required to hold such a big event.

“Since we are in this world of transparency, I think it will be prudent that the nation is well informed, failure to account will result into speculations and mistrust,” he said.

Mr Chipenzi said on the basis that taxpayers money in most cases mismanaged by some officials, the breakdown would remain a key to lay trust on them.

“We do not want to hear different reports concerning the same, but we just want to know how much was spent and how it was utilized.

We saw splendid preparations during the celebrations, which we believe involved a lot of money.

“We would not mind if it was personal money, but because it was a public function, it is a right of every Zambian to be up to date with what is going in the country,” he said.