YALI tips young people

YOUNG African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has urged young people in Zambia to become agents positive change and promote democracy in the next 50 years.

YALI president Andrew Ntewewe said now was the time for the young people to ensure that they became effective to bring about change that was positive for the country’s develpoment.

He believed that the rights of young people should be supported so that they could also have a platform for competing  ideas.

Mr Ntewewe said  as an initiative, they were optimistic in the movement of leadership in the next 50 years.

He said there was need for young people to tap the natural resources of the country so that they could fullfill their dreams and develop themselves instead of fullfilling the dreams of investors.

“As initiative leaders, we believe that the next 50 years is a movement for young people to contribute positively to national development, that the platform has been set and the inspiration has been taken from the last 50 years.

As young leaders, we believe we have learned from the mistakes and will take examples from so many inspirational leaders in Africa and our country like the first president who became president at a young age, the likes of Vernon Johnson Mwaanga who became a powerful diplomat at the age of 19; there are so many leaders that we can take a leaf from’’.

“As much as we have celebrated the freedom and the 50 years of independence, there are so many challenges in relation to poverty and economical affairs of this country which is the reason why we are concerned about the constitution,” he said .