Election within 90 days

ACTING presidential Guy Scott says presidential election will be held within 90 days to choose the next leader after the demise of President Michael Sata on Tuesday in London.

Addressing the nation on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) yesterday, Dr Scott said he would oversee the process of holding a presidential election within 90 days as mandated by the Constitution.

“According to provisions of the republican Constitution, the election to the office of the President will take place within 90 days. In  the interim, under the republican Constitution, I am now Acting President of Zambia mandated to oversee this process,” he said.

Dr Scott said before the presidential by-election could take place, Government would ensure that all arrangements were put in place for the funeral of Mr Sata.

Meanwhile Dr Scott has described the death of President Sata as devastating and shocking to the people and it will be difficult to bear.

He also announced that the period of national mourning in honour of President Sata, who died in London, started yesterday.

Dr Scott said Mr Sata worked hard to develop the country and his efforts benefitted many people.

Dr Scott said he personally benefitted from Mr Sata’s work and worked with him for many years for the love of this country.

“It is with deep personal sorrow that I speak to you today,” he said.

Dr Scott said as the country faces the difficult time ahead, citizens should conduct themselves in the manner befitting the nation and respect for the beloved President.

He assured the nation that peace will be maintained and police officers would be ready to maintain Zambian’s treasured peace.

Dr Scott said during the period of national mourning citizens and members of other organisations should observe peace.

“A period of national mourning will start today (Wednesday). I would like to call on all citizens, churches, political parties, and others to observe this period with calm, respect, unity and peace,” he said.

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  1. The most important thing for us Zamians is to maintain peace and remain united and continue being law abiding citizens.let’s mourn the late president Sata peacefuly. The advise I can give to PF is that they should call for a convertion and come up with a presidential candidate for the by-elections.

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