Poor rainfall to blame for current erratic water supply-LCC

The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) has maintained that the erratic water supply being experienced in the city  was due to poor rainfall experienced in the past two years.

But LWSC Public Relations and marketing manager Topsy Sakalinda said his company was doing everything possible to ensure residents start receiving the commodity on a normal basis,’’ he said.

‘’We are aware that many parts of the city  are experiencing erratic water supply , this is because  our boreholes are running dry due to poor rainfall that the country has been experiencing for last two years, but we want to assure the residents that we are doing everything possible to correct the situation ,’’ he said. There has been concern among the residents over erratic water supply that was being experienced in most parts of the city.

Meanwhile Mr Sakalinda said that  areas such as  Chongwe have not been affected by the one week water blues experienced in Lusaka. Some Chongwe residents have told Millennium Radio News there has been no water in the area for almost a week now. Mr  Sikalinda said the area experiencing water challenges in Chongwe may be getting its water from other sources such as boreholes and the river. Mr Sikalinda clarified that LWSC  only supplied water to a selected area and not the whole town.

He said however  that the utility firm was likely to start rationing water to areas that it serviced.

One thought on “Poor rainfall to blame for current erratic water supply-LCC

  1. ZEMA has allowed Aquasavana to deplete Lusaka underground water 10 kilometres from Mumbwa/Lumumba roads traffic lights without an environmental impact assessment and not involving the local community. Aquasavana has been mining our underground water resource and this has an environment impact on the farming community and Lusaka residents generally. ZEMA and Department of Water, what a shame that boreholes are drying!

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