‘Seven spirits’ changes mind

SUSPECTED notorious drug trafficker of Chibolya Township popularly known as “Seven Spirits” yesterday changed his plea of not guilty to guilty.

When the matter came up for trial before senior resident Magistrate Mwaka Mikalile, Gerald Musalale, 29, told the court that he had changed his plea of not guilty to one of guilty because he did not want to waste court’s time.

Musalale is facing two counts of trafficking in narcotic drugs, namely 29.8 grammes of cocaine without lawful authority and trafficking in psychotropic substances namely 966.6 grammes of marijuana, a herbal product of cannabis sativa.

In July this year, Musalale denied the two counts of trafficking.

It was alleged that Musalale on July 22 in Lusaka trafficked in the said drugs.

Musalale said even if he willfully trafficked in drugs, he did not have lawful authority to sniff cocaine and smoke marijuana.

After Musalale changed his plea, Magistrate Mikalile set a new date for reading of facts and sentencing of Musalale. As he was being led to a holding cell, Musalale looked calm, composed and smiled at onlookers who.

Musalale is already serving a nine month sentence after he was found guilty of being in unlawful possession of utensils used to administer cocaine.

In mitigation, Musalale had asked the court for leniency as his wife gave birth to their fourth child not long ago and that he was the one taking care of his mother after the death of his father some years ago.

But Magistrate Mikalile said she would exercise leniency by sentencing Musalale to nine months imprisonment with hard labour from August 7, the day he was arrested, since he was a first offender who had not wasted the court’s time.