Fr Luonde is mischievous-Mumbi

THE move by Fr Richard Luonde to influence a tribunal or commission of inquiry against Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda is malicious and makes sad reading especially that Zambia is mourning President Sata, says Former PF general secretary and sympathizer Mr Edward Mumbi.

Mr Mumbi said Fr Luonde should know that his attempt was wicked because he waited for President Sata who appointed Mr Chikwanda to die to start an exercise he would not achieve.

Responding to online media reports, Mr Mumbi said Fr Luonde’s behavour fell short of a man of God and clearly showed that he had no priestly love for the country and indeed for his church if he had any.

“My advice to Fr Luonde if this is true, it will be important for him to move away from people using him in this fashion and look up to God for help,” he said.

He said that he was embarrassing the government considering that the man he wanted to use in achieving this vicious campaign against Mr Chikwanda is Vice Present Guy Scott who was now acting President.

Mr Mumbi explained that in any event Dr Scott did not have powers to drop Mr Chikwanda or to appoint a tribunal or commission of inquiry against any sitting Cabinet minister.

“If in the event the acting President is also used to commit such an error, it will be confirmed that he is a hired gun against President Sata’s loyalists,

“He would be flouting the republican constitution because his executive powers are limited until Zambians elect another republican president within less than 90 days today,” said Mr Mumbi.

Fr Luonde, the former Anglican priest was reported to have been in Lusaka early this week to organize lawyers to set up a tribunal against Mr Chikwanda over mining taxes and other issues relating to the minister’s companies.

Fr Luonde was reportedly seen moving from one law firm to the other trying to hire lawyers to draft summons against Chikwanda.

But the move is being seen by many that it was part of the cartel to use fear and force against senior PF members opposed to its (cartel) style of rule.

Reports have further suggested that the cartel did not have sufficient numbers in the PF central committee (the body that will choose the PF candidate for the by-election) to carry their day.

The cartels  plan was to use all sorts of unclean methods to secure their existence in PF while people like Chikwanda, Geoffrey Mwamba and others will be dealt with by the ‘law’, and  other central committee members would be paid off and promised jobs in the ‘new era’.

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  1. Wolves in sheep clothing calling themselves “men of god” are now roaming the landscape in search of somebody to devour. Luonde, this is not good, man. Stay away from politics. In a country fraught with so much sin, you should be busy praying and counseling instead of involving yourself in things that don’t help. Think Luonde, Think!

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