LWSC announces whopping US$4bn water investment

LUSAKA Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) has announced a U$ 4 billion Master Plan for improving water and sanitation services, says the public relations officer Topsy Sikalinda.

Mr Sikalinda said the water utility company developed the plan to improve the supply of water in the city.

He said the Government had already sourced US$355 million grant from the American government through Millennium Challenge Corporation to implement the Investment Master Plan in priority areas such as sanitation and drainage.

“This project will improve water and sanitation services in Lusaka to benefit over 1.2 million people. The project is active and we are optimistic that actual construction works will begin next year,” he said.

Mr Sikalinda revealed that the Government was currently negotiating for US$150 million for a new water treatment plant to be constructed through a cooperating partner which would produce about 50 million litres under the Kafue Bulk Project.

He said the negotiations had reached an advanced stage and once the deal was sealed, it would take about 24 months to complete a new water treatment plant in Kafue and a 65 kilometers water line from Kafue to Lusaka running parallel to the Kafue Road.

“Another huge project, the Lusaka Sanitation Project is coming which will see LWSC rehabilitate Manchinchi and Chunga Sewerage treatment plants.

Another US$505 million  water treatment plant with capacity of 600 million litres was being planned and would be financed  possibly by the  African Development Bank (AfDB) and JICA.

He said LWSC made a remarkable progress in improving the lives of many people in Lusaka and during the year 2014, it was recognized and awarded the Global Water Leaders award as one of the four best water utilities in the developing world.

Mr Sikalinda said LWSC continued to target improved services in water supply and sanitation as the core of their business and would keep its clients at the centre of the company’s operations.

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  1. The biggest problem will be that even water to drink now will be under the ‘price’ control of the World Bank and Multinationals. To service those bills will mean heavy cost to the consumer. How have you arranged terms of payment and how will it ‘relate’ to the consumer.

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