PF youths reject Scott

CABINET has staged a coup detat by revoking the appointment of Edgar Lungu as Acting President by President Michael Sata and handing it to Vice-President Guy Scott who the Head of State never wanted to leave power with, Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka district youths have charged. 

PF Lusaka district chairman Yelisa Khondowe said the youths in Lusaka would not recognize Dr Scott as Acting President because President Sata, who was the appointing authority, had not revoked the appointment of Mr Lungu.

Mr Khondowe said in a statement yesterday that it was illogical for Cabinet to have demanded that Mr Lungu who is Defence and Justice Minister, hand over instruments of power to another Acting President.

He said Attorney General Musa Mwenye should be forced to resign for advising Cabinet to make the  decision of revoking President Sata’s appointment and that Dr Scott should be made to surrender the instruments of power to the rightful owner.

He said only President Sata could have revoked the appointment of Mr Lungu, adding that the Head of State had never wanted Dr Scott to Act as President in the last three years he was in power.

He stated that Mr Lungu could only cease to act as President of Zambia if the Speaker of the National Assembly informed him about the return of the incumbent.

The youths have appealed to the courts of law to adequately provide legal guidance regarding the confusion surrounding the revocation of President Sata’s appointment of Mr Lungu as Acting President.

“As youths in Lusaka, we urge Cabinet to inform the nation on the status of Mr Lungu and Dr Scott otherwise Zambians should consider what has happened as a coup de tat. This should force the Attorney General Musa Mwenye to step down while Dr Scott should be made to surrender the instruments of power to the rightful owner who in this instance is Mr Lungu,” Mr Khondowe said. He said the PF youths in Lusaka were in agreement with Heritage Party (HP) president Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda  that Dr Scott was not eligible to be appointed Vice-president let alone contest the presidency of the country because he was barred by the parentage clause.

Mr Khondowe said article 34 of the Constitution of Zambia had not been amended and therefore Dr Scott remained barred from acting as President or contesting the presidency of the country.

“The Constitution does not provide that Mr Lungu as Acting President can hand over power to another Acting President. As PF youths in Lusaka, we want to put it on record that Mr Lungu is the legal Acting President of Zambia and can only cease upon being informed by the Speaker that the incumbent had returned,” Mr Khondowe said.

He explained that the demise of President Sata had not in any way revoked the appointment of Mr Lungu to act as President and wondered why Dr Scott had accepted to act after the death of the Head of State.