Mulenga condemned over ‘presidential ambitions’

A PATRIOTIC Front (PF) official has condemned Mulenga Sata for declaring that he was ready to succeed his father long before the Head of State was buried.

Mr Paradius Sakala, who is a PF member, said it was unAfrican and an abomination for Mulenga to have started scheming to succeed his father before the mourning period was over.

Mr Sakala said Mulenga should have waited until after the burial of President Sata before announcing his intention to take up the leadership of the PF and eventually the country.

He said it was shocking that Mulenga was in a campaign mood while the country was mourning his father who was the President of the nation.

“This issue of Mulenga talking about legacy should not be entertained because we have had many legacies in the world that had been destroyed because of selfishness.

‘‘And Mulenga should know that it is not a family legacy that President Sata has left and so any other Zambian can continue with it,” Mr Sakala said.

He said it was disheartening that Mulenga was getting in the power struggle in the PF without having a sense of grief about the death of his father.

Mr Sakala said Mulenga would have to wait for the central committee to decide and hoped that there would be no corruption in the process of identifying who would lead the ruling party in the presidential by-election.

He predicted that Mulenga was likely to cause confusion should the party reject his application to contest the presidency because he (Mulenga) was of the wrong perception that no one but him should succeed his father.

He said although President Sata was the founder of the PF, the ruling party was not a family dynasty for Mulenga to claim exclusive rights to the ruling party.

He said it would be unfortunate for the PF that had been in Government for only three years to be removed from power on account of failing to find a credible and easy candidate to market.