Chief Mukuni wants Tourism ministry

SENIOR Chief Mukuni of the Toka -Leya people of Kazungula district in Southern Province has demanded that whoever becomes the next President should relocate the Ministry of Tourism and Arts to Livingstone.

Chief Mukuni said this was the only way the momentum of Livingstone as a tourist capital could be kept alive.

He said since the relocation of the provincial capital to Choma, Livingstone was left empty, adding that there was need to resuscitate the city.

“What I want to see is that in the new Government or whoever wins the next presidential election is that, they should relocate the Ministry of Tourism and Arts to Livingstone. This will add value to President Sata’s declaration of Livingstone as a tourist capital after removing the provincial capital from it,” said the chief.

He told journalists that there was also need to open up all the 10 provinces for tourism.

“We need to open all the provinces for tourism. We need to have good airports, good roads and good telecommunication services. We should open up Zambia as a tourism package,” Chief Mukuni said.

He also said the effects of hosting the United Nations World Tourism Organisation Congression in 2012 would only start being felt by Zambia from 2015 and beyond.

“In tourism, things don’t just happen overnight but you have to give it time. It is like agriculture. When you plant today, you cannot harvest just there and then but you have to wait,” the chief said And Chief Mukuni has described President Michael Sata as an action-oriented person who will be greatly missed by many Zambians.

Chief Mukuni, who travelled to Lusaka on Monday for President Michael Sata’s funeral, said the late Head of State was a symbol of determination.

He said the late President was determined to improve the lives of many Zambians especially the poor hence declaring his Government as a pro-poor Government.