Destroying PF

Clearly, unless something very drastic happens the Patriotic Front (PF) is destined for a one term-tenure.

A party that gave the people of Zambia so much hope and promise is now at extreme odds within itself   and is on the verge of a calamitous fall into oblivion.

On the Achilles heel are the maneuvres from without the party to take over power and control the destiny of the nation for very selfish reasons bordering on theft of public funds, misrepresentation and tax evasion.

President Sata must be surely writhing that even before his burial the very powers that threatened to hijack his constitutional authority and which powers he thwarted, have now emerged and gained absolute control of his party, reneging on his vision and now pursuing a policy of vengeance against his loyal, trusted and selfless disciples.

The vestige of the party, premised on service and social delivery is suddenly, even before he is buried, turning into a highly organized system of revenge and retribution against those that espoused and loved the simple mission of social empathy and service.

In its place the heartless and pure evil merchants of rapine greed are slowly but certainly seeking and securing control of the Patriotic Front, a party which many people came to love because its vision was one of egalitarianism and service to the poor and less endowed.

Suddenly even as we mourn we regret that Mr. Sata failed to extract and destroy the negative seeds of greed and avarice that lurked on the sidelines but which have now gained alliances within the party in a bid to destroy the vision while protecting selfish interests.

Nobody could have imagined that even as the body of Michael Sata lay in state the country would burn, that the people would rise in common outrage against a violation of trust that was struck between the man and those who looked up to him for nurture, sustenance and support.

It now behoves members of the PF central committee as the supreme organ of the party and the Cabinet as implementers of the vision to take immediate, urgent and emergency steps to arrest the drift of the party into oblivion and make it once again relevant to the people and therefore responsive to the wishes and aspirations of the ordinary man and woman who pinned their hope and trust on Michael Sata.

Unless this is done and a very clear indication given that the party will not succumb, cowtail and  support criminals and those who grovel and patronize presidents for the purposes of seeking protection from the law, then the PF can consider themselves as one term party which will be forever vilified because it failed to do the needful and more importantly colluded and joined hands with the corrupt, heartless and malicious forces of evil that the cartel has become.

The Patriotic Front still has a chance to redeem itself and assure the people of Zambia that it has a future and the people can look up to it for integrity and a vision deeply rooted in the aspiration of the common man rather than those scoundrels, crooks and liars who misled the country that the President was in good health and yet he was in terminal stages.

These are the forces that must be rejected outrightly if this party will leave another term to deliver another term on the promises of its vision and founder, Michael Chilufya Sata.