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ACTING Patriotic Front (PF) president Guy Scott must be expelled from the ruling party before he destroys the party and the vision of late President Michael Sata, Cabinet and central committee members have demanded.

   And the PF Central Committee has been called into an emergency session this morning with senior party officials demanding the immediate expulsion of Dr Scott from the ruling party.

The decision to demand for the expulsion of Dr Scott from the PF follows the acting President’s unilateral decision to dismiss Mr Edgar Lungu  as secretary general without consulting the central committee, a move that has angered and baffled PF members across the country.

The expulsion of Dr Scott if executed would mean the Acting President losing his Parliamentary seat, his position as PF president in the wake of the death of President Sata on Tuesday last week.

Senior PF members have been infuriated by Dr Scott’s insensitive action to defy the period of national mourning in honour of President Sata by firing Mr Lungu as PF secretary general as part of the cartel’s plan to cause chaos in the ruling party.

The central committee members have since informed Dr Scott of the scheduled meeting and that the dismissal of Mr Lungu had caused a lot of tension in the PF.

Dr Scott banned all party and cabinet meeting the day he was conferred with the Acting President title and his decision to fire Mr Lungu caught many party members.

The ministers and central committee members have however accused Dr Scott of serving the interest of the cartel that had been scheming to hijack the leadership of the PF and the country.

Dr Scott last night appointed Chipili Member of Parliament Davis Mwila as the new PF secretary general.

But the appointment did not last as the former defence deputy minister threw the appointment back into the face of Dr Scott Mr Mwila said Dr Scott’s action to appoint him as secretary general of the PF before President Sata was buried was taboo in the African tradition  which should be condemned in strongest terms.

Mr Mwila stated that he had declined the appointment because he was mourning and did not think it was politically correct for Dr Scott to begin causing confusion in the ruling party.

“I have declined the appointment by Dr Scott because it is a taboo in our tradition and culture to begin giving each other positions before President Sata could be buried. I want to mourn my President in dignity and honour and will not take Dr Scott’s appointment,” Mr Mwila said.

Rechael Chileshe, the PF devotee has denaded the immediate expulsion of Dr scott because his actions had become inimical to the wellbeing of the ruling party.

Ms Chileshe said dR scott had become a divisive leader in the PF and appealed to the central committee to convene an emegency meeting at which Dr Scott should be expelled from the party.

Two Cabinet Ministers have branded Dr Scott a  traitor to the cause and ideals of late President Sata whom he claimed was his best freind of late President Michael Sata.

The two ministers have charged that Dr Scott had started a war in the PF and should be ready for the consequences because the party patriots were ready for a real showdown. They said Dr Scott was a shameless man who was determined to kill the vision and legacy of President Sata.

They said it was shocking that Dr Scott had adopted a tyrannical and despotic style of governing the PF and the country and that Zambians should rise against the schemes of the cartel and defend the peace and unity the country had enjoyed since independence.The dismissal of Mr Lungu is among the new schemes to purge all party members perceived to be against the appointment of Dr Scott as Acting President.

Mr Lungu’s dismissal as PF secretary general is meant to facilitate the dramatic comeback of some loathed and rejected personalities.

The Daily Nation yesterday revealed that Guy Scott has started asserting his authority as both party president and Acting President and would soon embark on reorganizing the ruling party.

Minister said Dr Scott had started a war with genuine party members and that the Acting President would be fought to the bitter end. “I am extremely disappointed that at a moment like this, Dr Scott could embark on a destructive route like this one.

He has banned all party activities and he is now making decisions alone. He is a shameless man but let him know that we shall fight him to the bitter end. I called Dr Scott and told him that what he had done was wrong and he cut the line. I called him again and I told him off that he caould not be dividing the party before the burial of our beloved President,” Mr Kambwili said.

2 thoughts on “Expel Scott

  1. Expelling Scot is not the solution. He is a good Guy as the name suggests. He has blundered fine but he just needs to be corrected. Only if he becomes untamed can it be fit to dethrone him. PF just needs tolerance and maturity as proof and guarantee of finishing their term of office. Its not Scot alone but the whole hilarious cartel which is a danger to the integrity of this country. In addition, the PF central committee must come up with a leader who has no rumoured allegiance to the cartel to stand as president or else change is inevitable. Zambians know the cartel issue in PF and it is a dangerous one. Zambian will not allow it because it has a hidden agenda and many of the characters involved have a bone to chew with the Zambian people and the Zambian economy. We are watching PF closely. It is either they make it or break it. Maturity will count.

  2. Guy Scott has NOT blundered in any way. The only wrong he has done is to rightly insist that the party constitution be followed in coming up with a presidential candidate. This is the only correct and logical thing to do. What is wrong with insisting that the correct thing be done? The problem with the folks in PF is their propensity for illegality, their intolerance of divergent views and their desperate moves to bring someone who maybe they feel will serve their interests better. The law is the law. We must abide by it. God forbid that we have selfish and self-serving leader at the helm.

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