ZAMBIANS have no choice but to continue on a path of peace as they mourn President Michael Sata who died on October 28 in London and as they prepare for the tasks ahead which include the Presidential election.

Death in a Zambian community evokes deep emotions among the bereaved.

Death also brings “enemies” together as it is a period of introspection.

This is the reason why peace should prevail in the period leading to the burial of President Sata on November 11.

Zambians should bury their fifth President with the dignity he deserves.

After the burial, Zambians know the constitutional provisions which demand the holding of elections within 90 days after the death of the President.

The Zambian voter should know that time is not with them as already 10 days are gone.

At the end of the mourning period on November 11, the voters and political contenders would only be left with 76 days within which to hold the Presidential elections.

The Presidential election is an important undertaking as Zambians would be choosing a new President to lead them for only two years before the general elections of 2016.

Even in elections, Zambians have been known to be peaceful as they have demonstrated this since they attained their Independence in 1964.

In the last 50 years that Zambians have been independent, they have gone through 10 peaceful general elections with some resulting in the removal of the ruling party.

Those who have followed the politics of Zambia will no doubt boast about the peaceful transfer of power from first President Kenneth Kaunda who ruled for 27 years under the United National Independence Party to Dr Frederick Chiluba of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy.

Zambians also saw how the Movement for Multiparty Democracy through President Rupiah Banda handed over power to President Michael Sata of the Patriotic Front.

Although sometimes the debates among Zambians become heated, this has not prompted them to engage in physical confrontation as a means of conflict resolution.  

This is the reason why we feel there is no need for anyone to start engaging in activities which will work against the peaceful nature of Zambians as we mourn President Sata.

Zambians have a lot on their hands in the aftermath of the State funeral of President Michael Sata.

They also have no choice but to maintain peace as they prepare for the forthcoming Presidential election.

In the days to come and beyond, we urge all Zambians to promote peace and extend a spirit of friendship to one another.