Construction workers trade safety clothing with alcohol

ITEZHI-TEZHI district commissioner George Sichula has advised workers at the Sino Hydro power plant to adhere to safety measures.

Mr. Sichula told the Daily Nation from Itezhi-tezhi that it was worrying that some of the workers were exchanging their safety clothes with alcohol.

He said the workers were to blame because they did not follow safety measures despite the company buying them safety clothing.

Mr Sichula was reacting to the recent incident where one of the workers died due to lack of safety clothing.

“The issue has to do with workers themselves because some of them do not follow the rule of ensuring that they are putting on safety clothing.

I do not know whether they want Government to start teaching them how to put on protective clothes when they are working. The company gives them safety clothing but some of them exchange clothes with beer.

“The death of the young man has to be a lesson to other workers.

However, I must state that there is need for the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to assign one officer who will monitor these construction projects going on here so that people are protected,” he said.

The district commissioner was also optimistic that the construction projects that were going on in Itezhi-tezhi would change the face of the district.

Mr. Sichula said the district was destined for better days because of the projects which the PF Government had initiated.

“Itezhi-tezhi will be a city very soon. You can see that the PF government is working and people have been crying for a road and the road is being worked on,” said Mr. Sichula.

Meanwhile, UPND aspiring candidate for the impending Itezhi-tezhi constituency Jacob Mubambo has blamed the PF Government for failing to assign officers from the Ministry of Labour to monitor workers at Sino Hydro.

Mr Mubambo, who was in Itezhi-tezhi to sign the book of condolences for the late President Michael Sata charged that it was unacceptable for government to allow such a huge construction project run without labour inspectors to ensure labour laws were followed.

He said that there was need for workers to be protected, adding that conditions of service for workers should be improved.