Mumba is being maligned-MMD

REPORTS that MMD leader Nevers Mumba has entered into a pact with some individuals to block former President Rupiah Banda from launching his comeback campaign are baseless and malicious, says MMD communications director, Raphael Nakachinda.

He said in a statement that reports also suggesting that Mr Banda offered the MMD leader US$ 1 million to have him pave way for his comeback into active politics were also another concoction by enemies of the MMD.

Mr Nakachinda said he had information indicating that some individuals that worked closely with the former Head of State in the unsuccessful 2011 presidential campaigns had regrouped and were concocting distasteful stories about Dr Mumba and his close associates.

He dismissed the latest attack on the integrity of Dr Mumba and the spirit of the MMD by alleged desperate individuals who he accused of using online media to spread untruths and propaganda.

Mr Nakachinda alleged that the group was now planning to extend their slander activity to close associates of Dr Mumba.

“I personally confronted the individuals and appealed to them that if there is any truth in this scam, they should stop their desperate activities in the interest of the party and nation’s democratic growth. The individuals could neither deny nor confirm their involvement,” he said.

Mr Nakachinda said it was their firm belief that some people were desperate and did not mean well for the MMD as they were out to serve their personal interests as they did in 2011 when they misled Mr Banda who lost the presidency.

He said the people who misled the former President believed that Mr Banda’s return to politics was good for the MMD and Zambia as a whole. Mr Nakachinda said the process would involve undertaking a cost benefit analysis and agreeing whether it would be in the best interest of Mr Banda’s family to subject the former president to another presidential battle three years after losing a costly election.

He said Mr Banda was not even fully aware of some of these activities by the desperate people carrying out tasks that had no blessings from him whatsoever.

Mr Nakachinda said Dr Mumba and the party leadership believed there was everything to gain by working together in a cordial and peaceful manner.