Peace in PF good-HH

IT is gratifying that relative calm has returned to the Patriotic Front camp after some unfortunate incidences that almost disturbed the peace and unity Zambians have enjoyed over the years, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema said yesterday.

Mr Hichilema said his party took pride in the manner Zambians had come together peacefully to mourn the passing of President Michael Sata regardless of political affiliation. He said Zambians should exercise maximum restraint and respect, especially that the country was expecting a lot of foreign dignitaries.

Mr Hichilema said funerals were an emotional affair, but he was glad that eventually reason had prevailed in the Patriotic Front.

He said President Sata deserved respect and honour especially from his colleagues in the PF.

The opposition leader said the manner in which the Zambian people had conducted themselves with dignity so far had been impressive and something the late President would have been proud of.

Mr Hichilema reiterated that the Zambian people were the country’s best asset, and this had once again been proven in the way they had conducted ourselves in the past few days from the day they lost the President.

He said he had high hopes that Zambia would return to a country that its people could all be proud of with a people-driven Government in future

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  1. I am mmd but really am impressed with hh. God has seen that you can make zambia proud again. Peace be with you!

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