Firms using stale meat to produce sausages condemned

LUSAKA residents have called on the Lusaka City Council to enhance its inspections of the food industry to prevent disease outbreaks especially from meat and meat products. in this hot weather.

One of the concerned residents Ms Mervis Mbewe of Mtendere Township accused some meat processing companies of using stale beef in making sausages that was normally over-spiced to cover up the bad smell.

Ms Mbewe said some meat retailers in most townships were selling sausages with foul smell because of using rotten meat.

“The council should find a way of monitoring operations of businesses involved in food production to ensure that it was done under public health provisions, especially in the compounds to protect the people from harmful foods,” she said.

Ms Mbewe said with the hot weather, there was a high risk of disease outbreaks because of the poor quality of food or meats used in the preparation of final products.

She complained that instead of getting rid of rotten meat, most local butcheries had adopted the trend of adding strong spices and make sausages which they sell to unsuspecting members of the public.

She said many people have been exposed to bad food because there was no one to inspect the meat sold in most local butcheries and restaurants.

She challenged residents to develop a sense of care for the quality of food they ate and report anybody selling rotten meat to the authority for action.

Ms Mbewe said some butcheries lacked facilities necessary to stock fresh meats including refrigeration equipment and ventilation, and in fact stored the meats in disused deep freezers with minimum cold storage facilities.

She said the recent revelation by the Zambia Weights Measures Agency (ZWMA) that some big meat processing companies were using unauthorized scales at their abattoirs and other outlets should be extended to local meat suppliers who were suspected culprits in the meat business.

She has since challenged the  city council and other consumer protection organisations to help remove such poor quality products and services from the market to protect the people from possible disease  after consuming unfit foodstuffs.