Forces of evil at work

LET there be no mistake. This is going to be a mortal fight between the forces of evil and those of light and righteousness. Stories and controversies will abound, behind them will be malevolent forces bent to causing confusion and consternation intended to enable them retain power and influence.

Pure evil may prevail unless it is stopped. The very recent travails of Edgar Lungu at the hands of the cartel must be a lesson to all Zambians and the PF central committee.

Let us all be mindful that this  is not the time for party politics and Zambians should reject time wasting leadership squabbles that will distract the nation from the important.

This is the time for serious introspection because God has given us an opportunity to undertake internal housekeeping to ensure that, as the electorate we build a governance system that will best protect the interest of all Zambians regardless of party affiliation.

The last 50 years have shown us what works and what doesn’t. We must count ourselves lucky to have seen the future and how power can corrupt and corrupt absolutely. We have seen how vital institutions of governance have been pervaded by selfish interests

We have seen how a few selfish individuals have corrupted the political leadership to usurp power and authority in the judiciary, executive and all governance institutions.

God is giving us an opportunity to start afresh, to create structures that will not be subject to individual avarice and caprice but will reflect the greater values of society.

This is an opportunity to make sure that whatever political party will come in power in 2016 will be limited in its exercise of authority to a constitution and structures of governance that will eliminate private and exogenous control as is the case now.

The President we elect in the next 80 days should be a man or woman with the courage and determination to make drastic changes that will put meritocracy above political interest and self perpetuation- if they fail, the red card should kick them out at the 2016 polls.

There are many things in our governance structures that must be dismantled with outmost urgency to ensure that the post 2016 Government will be a Government of laws and not of men as has been the case in the last fifty years.

We must dismantle, decapitate and indeed cleanse our governance to make vital institutions answerable to Parliament and other democratically elected bodies, a move that will totally eliminate the corruption and influence of interest groups as has been the case hitherto.

Statutory enactment will suffice for some changes while legislation by Parliament may be required for others.  It will be most important and significant that these steps are taken to place our country towards the path of democratic constitutionalism.

Equally many aspects of the constitution can be amended while resources and modalities of instituting a referendum are refined to ensure the eventual passage of the bill of rights. However first things first, the constitution must be a priority. We must agree on the content and chart a course of implementation.

Unless we move as a nation with the sole purpose of giving to ourselves a governance system that will take us into the next fifty years, we shall lose to the powers of evil and darkness that are determined to continue their malevolent ways to the detriment of good governance, integrity and common good.