Govt must take lead in peace initiatives- Masheke

IT is the duty of every government to lead by example to ensure political stability in the country during and after the funeral of a head of state, says former prime minister Malimba Masheke.

General Masheke said political stability was key to the country’s peace and unity, and therefore it was important that political leaders related well to national matters.

He advised politicians not to use President Michael Sata’s death to gain political mileage, but instead work hard to do what was good for the country.

Gen Masheke said politicians were sometimes intolerant towards one another which should not be the case as it destabilises a peaceful nation.

He said intolerance and lack of dialogue among political leaders was betrayal of democracy and must be condemned in the strongest terms possible.

“My advice is that all political players must utilise this moment as an opportunity to be tolerant and talk about issues of peace and reconciliation,” Gen Masheke said.

He said reconciliation was important to ensure peace and stability in a nation, adding that it was possible for Zambia to do so.

The general said it was unfortunate that some politicians who were key players in the governance system were becoming self-centred.

He said President Sata’s resolve, courage and devotion to his country was and would continue to be an example of strong leadership and patriotism for all the Zambian people.

Gen Masheke said it was important for Zambia as a developing country to empower her people and ensure there was change.