Muslims extol Sata’s vision

THE Muslim community in Zambia has described President Michael Sata as a leader who shared the Muslim vision and passion to care for the poor people in communities.

DAWAAH Makeni Islam Society Trust director Huzaifa Jada said yesterday that the country had lost a gallant leader who had the vision to develop the country and improve people’s living standard.

Mr Jada, who described Mr Sata as a leader with Muslim leadership qualities, said the late Head of State had an all-inclusive Government with vision to transform the economy of the country.

He stated that Muslims would remember President Sata for his honesty, courage and determination to make things work even in hard times.

Mr Jada, a Kafue resident, said people in Kafue district had benefited a lot from President Sata during his tenure of office in Government.

He observed that President Sata was committed to advancing rural development as demonstrated by the up-scaling of rural infrastructure development such as construction of roads, health facilities and schools.

“President Sata always emphasized on the importance of rural development because he believed that development is meaningless without developing rural areas.

Kafue in particular benefited a lot from President Sata’s tenure during the time he served as Lusaka governor, Minister of Health and Local government as well as President.

He said President Sata demonstrated commitment to ensure every Zambian benefited from the national cake by embarking on a massive decentralization programme through creation of new districts for both effective and efficient service delivery and employment creation.

Mr Jada said President Sata ensured that the country was connected to other countries in the region through road and railway network.

“President Sata ensured that Zambia was connected within and outside the country through the road and railway network. For instance, the Chiawa road will connect Zambia and Zimbabwe, and Lusaka residents will soon start travelling to Zimbabwe for only 30 minutes. The Mongu-Kalabo road will link Zambia and Angola to facilitate trade between the two countries” the Muslim leader said.