Sata was humble -Kaseba

FIRST Lady Christine Kaseba yesterday paid tribute to President Michael Sata describing her husband as the most forgiving and humble person she has ever met in her life.

In a tribute read on her behalf by Ms Emma Chibesakunda at the requiem mass in the Heroes Stadium in Lusaka, Dr Kaseba said her husband used to tell her that no true human being rejected a genuine apology.

The requiem service was attended by thousands of Zambian and foreign dignitaries.

She said President Sata used to tell her that it was in God’s desire for people to forgive each other countless times.

“Those who never came across you may never understand that in the amidst all sorts of misconceptions, lies, hate and accusations, you were one person who understood the power of love and forgiving,” Dr Kaseba said.

She said despite trial of life which President Sata faced, as husband and wife, they ensured that the stability and wellbeing of the family remained a priority.

Dr Kaseba said the President selflessly gave his whole life to the family even when it did not deserve it.

She said life had taught her humility and unconditional love and that Mr Sata’s death had taught her compassion and friendship.

Mr Sata, she said, embraced everyone and taught people true comradeship and selfless leadership.

“With a heavy heart, I cannot imagine life ahead of me without your broad shoulders to lean and cry on,” she said.

Dr Kaseba said she will cherish the battles they won together, share successes they celebrated and learn from failures that united them.