Sata’s death exposes cartel’s desperation

PRESIDENT Michael Sata’s death has exposed the desperation for power among cartel members in their bid to take control of Government, UPND national women chairperson Namaku Kabwiku has said.

Ms. Kabwiku said the cartel was desperately running up and down to eliminate obstacles to leadership.

In an interview yesterday, Ms. Kabwiku said the rush by the cartel to position their preferred candidate to take over the PF was a sign of desperation for power.

She said the cartel was worried that if someone else takes over government, their influence on corrupt deals and its interests would be exposed.

Ms. Kabwiku expressed sadness that in the cartel’s desperation to take over State power, it had resolved to blackmail other Zambians.

He said the recent events where PF secretary general Edgar Lungu was removed from his party portfolio was just one of the schemes planned for the cartel to hold on to power.

“The cartel wants to plant its own people in various Government positions.

The cartel is so desperate for power that it will do anything to hold on to authority.

That is why it is busy blackmailing senior Government officials who they have certain information about in order to bring back their anointed one,” she said.

Ms. Kabwiku warned that any attempt by Zambians to let power flow into the hands of the cartel or anyone in their camp or someone with connections or related to the cartel would be harmful to the rest of the nation.

She said the last three years of the PF in leadership had been a challenging time for Zambians because of the way the cartel had been running Government.

“We have read about the schemes to expose Acting President Guy Scott by the cartel if he did not do what they want.

She said Zambia was on crossroads with the cartel scheming to impose their preferred individual to take over the leadership of the nation.

She said Zambians should denounce all the schemes aimed at propelling the cartel to take over the leadership of the nation.

“We are not blind to the fact that the cartel is not sleeping and wants to take over the leadership. We are also not sleeping to think that the cartel is planning or means well for this nation.

We know their schemes, no wonder they are desperate for power,” she said.

Ms. Kabwiku has since challenged Acting President Scott to denounce the cartel and explain to the nation why known cartel members where left to antagonise the nation during the mourning period.

“I want to challenge the Acting President Dr. Scott to explain to the nation why he has not defended Edgar Lungu from the attacks of the cartel I want Dr. Scott to explain why he is quiet on important issues which involve the cartel,” she said.

And Ms. Kabwiku has asked the people of Zambia to rally behind UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in the forthcoming presidential by-election.

“This is the time Zambians should consider Mr. Hichilema to take over.

These cartels around the PF will destroy the country if the people decide to bring back the PF next year,” she said.